I came into this world with an open mind and was told who I was...
 And then I decided to find out who I really am. 

I created and published under the Renat Renee Ell before.
My journey as an artist started 10 years ago with digital photography. From the very beginning, I was interested in creating something new based on photos, using graphic editors, brushes, masks, and collages. Gradually, I started shooting series of photos with a certain narrative or united by a common aesthetic. Later on, I began exploring video shooting and I have no plans to stop. I am passionate about different techniques, not just digital art, which is why I consider myself a visual artist and plan to expand my skills in various fields. 

My style is portraits and collages, minimalist forms and attention to colour, an interest in poster and illustration style. I add the texture of paper as a way of making the digital image "touchable", analogue, as if captured by a real memory and in fact a fantasy, my escapism into abstract subjects and nostalgia for what never existed. There are invented characters in a timeless context in my images: contemplative detached hermits and passionate rebellious hetairas, fragile broken souls and longing for (self-)knowledge  dreamers, humans, cosmic witches, exiled gods or otherwise - my characters are metaphors and represent my feelings.  MY Art is a quest in which I allegorically manifest and create myself.

 To be continued.

•Personal exhibition In someone else, Loft project Etagi, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Best of Russia, The Manege, Central Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
NordArt, Budelsdorf, Germany

What lies beneath, Contact gallery, Toronto, Canada

Broken reality, Contact Photo Festival, Toronto, Canada

NordArt, Budelsdorf, Germany
Collaborations, competitions, awards 
•Portrait photography course mentor, Academic Photography School, St. Petersburg, Russia
Granted  500px.com
Interview for Fotosklad.ru
Book covers in Russia and Europe
Ambassador 500px.com 
Articles for 500px.com
Winner Best of Russia 2016, NordArt 2017, 2021
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